Don’t Forget Daddy

I have always been a huge advocate for my husband – River’s Daddy.

Each appointment we went to, I was always asked how I was doing. But would respond with a “we” statement instead. The dad’s often get overlooked and forgotten.

Don’t forget daddy.

I know – they didn’t birth the child, they’re not bleeding, they’re not stitched up, but they surely helped create them. 50% him, 50% me.

We BOTH dealt with the death of OUR son.

My mission is to not only advocate for us mama’s, but also for those daddy’s. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends – they will never get it. And I’m thankful for that.

But, we can’t forget about daddy.

Everyone lost something during this tragedy. But, the mommy and daddy lost their everything. The mommy and daddy have to reimagine and adjust their new reality. Their future was shattered with two small words, “I’m sorry”. They have to go back to that empty, quiet house that weirdly no longer feels like home.

Don’t forget daddy.

We’ve carried each other in the times where one may fall a little bit.

“You’re so strong”.

No, I’m not. I couldn’t have done this alone. I am not strong, I am a part of something much greater – a family.

The glue that holds us together is our son. River James has taught us more than a physically living child ever could.

He showed his mommy and daddy true, unconditional love.

Don’t forget daddy.

In my response to you: WE are doing just fine.

As always,